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Mila Strong $15 Donation

Mila Strong $15 Donation

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You’ll will receive the Rainbow Affirmation file when making an $15 donation toward Mila Strong. 

More information and updates on Mila can be found on our Facebook page:

Mila is a sweet 20 month old twin who was born with a hemangioma on her eyelid and her abdomen. We quickly began propranolol as treatment. At 9
Months of age we noticed the propranolol was not helping her eyelid much anymore. They continued to up her dose until we reached the max, still with no changes and multiple side effects that came along with a very high dose of medication. We got a referral to pediatric ophthalmology where it was found Mila had an astigmatism and visual changes due to the hemangioma pushing on her eye and causing partial obstruction of her vision. They recommended steroid injections which had a 60% chance of causing her to go blind in that eye, upon just the first injection. 

We decided at this time we wanted a second opinion. We were connected to the Vascular Birthmark Foundation who helped us get in reach with Dr Waner and Dr. Fay who removed her eyelid hemangioma in New York City January of 2022. Milas eye never fully reopened after surgery, so we were referred to a local Pediactric Oculoplastic Suregon who performed a lid lift on Mila on 7/22/22. During surgery they found her left eye sits much further back in the socket than her right, which was noticed on a photo they took in the office from March as well. Biopsies were taken from her eyelid and inner tissue which showed that her hemangioma was regrowing. Milas eyelid is now unfortunately more closed than prior to surgery, and will not fully open. They are scheduling a MRI to see why her eye sits further back. 

Upon getting all this information I reached out to Dr Linda with VBF who suspects Mila may have PHACE syndrome. We were connected with a Doctor at Shriners hospital in Boston, who we emailed Milas history to and are waiting to hear back. We also need to get to California October 7th and 8th to be seen at the Vascular Birthmark Foundations Super Clinic where multiple specialists from around the world come together. Dr. Colletti will be here from Italy, who we would like Mila to see. 

 As we navigate through all this, we reach the financial aspect of how we will get to both Boston and California. If you have made it this far thank you so much for reading Milas story and we appreciate anything, even just prayers or thinking of Mila while we try and get her the medical care she deserves. 

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